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Our Academic Team Leader

Cristian Antonio

Academic Team Leader - Australian

We aim to support millions of international students achieve their goals with thousands of questions and instant feedback. Let us support your Duolingo English Test journey right today.

  • 10 years of training experience
  • CELTA issued by Cambridge
  • Certificate in teaching English issued by Oxford
  • IELTS teaching methodology by British Council
  • Bachelor's Degree, Language Interpretation and Translation
  • Master's Degree, International Relations and Affairs

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Let's crack your Duolingo English Test preparation with the DET Practice Platform and DET Preparation course!
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DET Practice Platform: Thousands of questions, instant feedback, detailed sample answers, an integrated dictionary, etc.

Frequent Support: Communities and support teams are always available to help.

DET Preparation course: Prepare your DET with our 10-year-teaching experienced trainer from Australia with a detailed training guide on how to achieve your DET desired scores.

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Correction Services

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We offer unique and efficient support to enhance your scores.

Speaking Correction: Send us your practicing answers and questions after making a video record to help us correct your mistakes efficiently. Students receive feedback in 02 working days!

Writing Correction: Our experienced and qualified trainers evaluate students' answers based on all grading elements, and the DET also uses the same elements to evaluate students' proficiency.

Add-on values: Get from 3-30 FREE Premium days to support your DET Preparation journey and quick support from our Academic team to save you time.



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On-demand DET Prep course

a complete course boosts your scores
Let's explore all benefits of this complete Duolingo English Test on-demand course to improve your DET scores.

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Practice Platform

A trusted and efficient platform to enhance your English skills

Unlimited questions: Thousands of questions and sample answers are already available.

Instant feedback: After submitting your answer, we instantly evaluate your skills based on DET's same elements.

Convenience: You will never have to practice the same questions again as you can track your process.