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Study Road Map

detailed training lessons
Detailed Road Map helps test-takers manage their study and achieve DET desired scores

Part 1

DET Foundation

Part 2

Tips and Strategy

Part 3

Important Notes

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advance your DET scores
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    On-demand training lessons

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    DET training PDF files

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This course helps test-takers

achieve your desired scores
10 - 30+

Improve all sub-scores from 10 to 30+ points


Achieve from 90 to 125+ overall score


Prepare your DET in just a few weeks


Apply 18 question-type strategies to practice

Some video training trials

DET trial course
English and Vietnamese subtitles are available!

Your eleven years of experience trainer

all famous certificates are here

Cristian Antonio - Main trainer


This DET Preparation course was created to provide a detailed study road map and a step-by-step guide to help test-takers prepare for their Duolingo English Test. It's time to get what you deserve! 

  • Eleven years of training experience
  • CELTA issued by Cambridge
  • Certificate in teaching English issued by Oxford
  • IELTS teaching methodology by British Council
  • Bachelor's Degree, Language Interpretation and Translation
  • Master's Degree, International Relations and Affairs

Hieu Vo - Supporting trainer


It is our pleasure to support your DET Preparation. The whole Academic team is at your service to make your dreams a reality.

  • Eight years of training experience
  • TESOL Certificate
  • The Product Manager who developed the DET and PTE Practice Websites

Better Experience, Better Results

let your experience thrive

Quiz test

After almost every lesson, we have a quiz test to review our lesson. Test-takers then strengthen their knowledge and apply it to practice.

Easy to access

Study anywhere at any time you like, even on the go. Besides, feel free to access any lesson as you wish.

Comments share

Have questions while studying? Go ahead and share them in the comment section right away and get answers in hours.

Engaging content

Combine video content and PDF files to study more efficiently in addition to thousands of practice questions in the DET Practice Platform.

Recommended by the people who matter most:
our Premium members

For me it was the first website that I encountered while looking for the ways to prepare for the Duolingo Test. For the first sight I was absolutely in love with it and decided to stay. It provides everything needed for the effective preparation and the platform itself is very user-friendly.

Alexandra Yurtsevich

Practical practicing questions and amazing feedback from their technology helped me improve my pronunciation and speaking!

Rose Rose

Web helps me to remember longer and have more test skills. Feedback after each work is very detailed. That helps me learn more.


This is an extremely helpful platform. Most of all I liked the feedback after each test, so I was able to understand my mistakes. Practicing on this platform for only a few days let me improve my score by 15 points on DET.

Tetiana Krotova

Hi i am blessed with share my reviews because taking this platform i get lot of information as well as understand the pattern. i hope it will help to successes my desire score

B. Maragatham

I am so grate full with DET Practice, because help me to improve my skills on Duolingo English Test. It's tools are so helpfully and has been the way to comprehend my errors and correct them.


Initially I thought it is some normal practice website for DET, but after using their free account. I am surprised, because each of the task, we will get instant answers and feedback to improving for those task. I really liked.

Akash Mohan Y N
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  • 24 DET training PDF files

  • 01 community only for course takers

  • 06 months of access to all files

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All BASIC benefits and a DET Practice Platform Premium account
  • 09 months of access to all files

  • 24 on-demand training lessons

  • 24 DET training PDF files

  • 01 community only for course takers

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$ 59.99
All PLUS benefits and Get support from our academic team directly via emails while studying
  • 12 months of access to all files

  • 30 days of private support via email in business hours

  • 24 on-demand training lessons

  • 24 DET training PDF files

  • 01 community only for course takers

  • Bonus 10 DET Practice Platform Premium Days

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Frequently asked

If you cannot find your answers, please:

It depends on the package students purchase. Students have at least 06 months of access to all content if they get the Basic package. For detailed information, please kindly check our Pricing here.

If students have questions while studying, we strongly suggest making comments right away in that lesson. Otherwise, students can raise questions at any time in our community, which is private and only available for course-takers. After purchasing any packages, students will receive an invitation to join our community.

Students can find discount codes here for up to 25%.

Yes, test-takers will get a commission if they join our Affiliate Program. In this program, Affiliates have at least 20% commission per sale, and they can have up to 50% if becoming our Country Affiliate Partner, besides lots of other benefits.

Test-takers can make their payment via three payment gateways, including PayPal, Tazapay, or AlePay (only for users whose cards are issued in Vietnam). Please check this link for details.

In 24 hours (not including weekends), students can access all on-demand videos and start studying. Regarding your Premium account on the DET Practice Platform, students have it right away after making the payment.

Definitely, course-takers can study with their mobile phones, tablets, and laptops.

We do not suggest students download all video files because it's more effective to study right on the platform and interact with other students. However, students can download each lesson PDF file.

Unfortunately, we do not offer certificates because this is a preparation course to take the DET. Students only need their DET certificates to apply for admission processes.

Students have everything they need to prepare for the DET. With the PLUS or SUPER package, students have access to all training files, thousands of practice questions, and instant feedback on the DET Practice Platform. Besides, our community is always available to offer support. So yes, students are able to achieve their desired scores up to 99%. Please remember, this preparation course is NOT a guarantee for your success, besides studying this course, students need to improve their general English skills every single day to increase their success probability.

Not only updates from the DET, but we also update new tips and ideas to help test-takers prepare better for their tests. As long as test-takers still have accessible time to their accounts, every update is FREE. For example, if test-takers pick a PLUS package that offers them 09 months of access, they will have new updates for free in 09 months.

It depends on your study plan. Some test-takers need to speed up the process, so they study all lessons in just one week. In contrast, some others spend a couple of months going through everything. As long as you still have access to all files, you can study at any time. Test-takers can check this article to create a study plan and follow it to study this on-demand course.

This course helps students improve their general English and utilise their English skills by applying all Tips and Strategies (for all question types) to practice. Therefore, following our trainer's guide strictly is essential to achieve desired scores, especially practicing on the DET Practice Platform. At the end of each lesson, our trainer always reminds test-takers to do test quizzes and practice immediately before moving on to the next lesson.

On top of that, Lessons 3 and 4 in Part 2 offer students unique strategies to advance their general English (Reading, Listening, Writing, and Speaking) every day. Therefore, make sure to follow them thoroughly to increase your success probability.

Other elements affect students' scores, including test-takers' commitment time to practice, their mood on test day, how they improve their English every day, how they apply strategies to practice, and a bit of luck. This is a preparation course, and we offer training content from experienced trainers to support test-takers' preparation journey and increase their probability of getting desired scores. Additionally, there are thousands of practice questions besides instant feedback to help students better prepare themselves.

However, this course is NOT a guarantee to achieve desired DET scores. 

The DET is no difference from other tests, students need to upgrade their four English skills on a daily basis to be more confident in answering all questions and increase their success probability.


This is a special offer in the SUPER package to those who don’t have time to research the DET by themselves. We have a Supporter who is an experienced test-taker to answer all questions during Business hours (GMT+7). Business hours are from 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM and from Monday to Friday. Users will receive answers latest 03 hours after sending their questions to our email at support@detpractice-tadehub.com.