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Introducing the PTE Practice Website

By DET Practice - TADE Hub
March 14,2024 | 20:49 PM


We know that you are preparing for the Duolingo English Test, and this article aims to introduce the PTE Practice Platform for PTE Academic or PTE Core takers. If you don’t think it is the right content to read, please keep practising your DET to save time. However, if you have friends who are preparing for the Pearson Test of English, you should read this sharing to help them. 

Pearson is one of the giants in the English testing service industry besides ETS, Duolingo, Cambridge and the British Council. Pearson is well renowned with its PTE Academic and recently PTE Core which offer test-takers an opportunity to study abroad, work permanently in their desired countries or for migration purposes.  

PTE Academic and PTE Core Introduction

Both of them are almost the same. PTE Academic and PTE Core are computer-based tests in one seamless section of 2 hours. They evaluate test-takers' four skills including Speaking, Writing, Reading and Listening. While the PTE Academic focuses on the academic aspects, the PTE Core is designed for everyday English use.  

PTE, PTE Academic, PTE Core, Pearson Test of English, PTE Practice Website
cre: Pearson

PTE Academic helps students achieve their abroad study dreams in over 3,300 institutions across the world, migrate and get VISA in Australia, New Zealand, and the UK. While PTE Core offers test-takers a chance to get a permanent economic visa in all categories in Canada.

To learn more, please check them here: PTE Academic and PTE Core

The PTE Practice Platform was developed and built by the same team that built the DET Practice Platform, which has been supporting tons of thousands of students across the world to secure their Duolingo English Test. 

The key feature of the PTE Practice Platform is instantly detailed feedback that allows students to check their practising answers immediately after submitting. The PTE Practice website offers feedback based on the same grading elements as what Pearson uses to grade students’ skills. To illustrate, if the Pearson Test of English takers practice a Part 1: Write Essay question, they will give feedback as follows:

p1-write-essay-1, PTE Academic, PTE Core, Pearson Test of English, PTE Practice Website
cre: TADE Hub

The grading aspects are Content, Form, Grammar (Spelling), Vocabulary, Coherence, and Linguistic Range. For more information regarding how the PTE Practice Platform delivers feedback, kindly take a look at this article: Instant Feedback for your PTE Preparation.

Feel free to take a look at this video feedback for a better understanding.

The PTE Practice Platform benefits

We just recently launched the PTE Practice Platform, which has the following benefits to offer. 

  • Thousands of practice questions (new questions are added every week);
  • 2-hour Mock tests include estimated scores;
  • Same grading elements as Pearson;
  • Instantly detailed feedback for all question types;
  • Three supportive vocab lists;
  • An integrated dictionary;
  • And other supporting self-study features. 

If you or your friends aim to take the PTE Academic or PTE Core, you may realise there are lots of practice websites in the market. We only hope the best for all students and PTE takers, so go experience all of them and pick one that you think fits you the most. 

CROSS Reward program for you 

This program offers both PTE and DET takers free Premium accounts if a friend they introduce becomes our Premium member. 

In detail, if a PTE taker (or DET taker) becomes our Premium member, they will immediately receive a DET Premium account (or PTE Premium account) that they can use to share with their friends.  

PTE Reward, PTE Academic, PTE Core, Pearson Test of English, PTE Practice Website
cre: TADE Hub


DET Reward, PTE Academic, PTE Core, Pearson Test of English, PTE Practice Website
cre: TADE Hub

You can introduce the PTE Practice Platform to your friends, and once they become Premium members, they will receive a DET Premium account that you can use to prepare for the Duolingo English Test. For example, if your friend gets the 60 PTE Premium days package, they will receive a DET Premium account of 10 days for free. 

There is nothing you and your friends need to do, simply get your Premium account and we will take care of the rest. We will share a Redeem Code via email addresses in 24 hours (not including weekends). 

Reward validation: 05 days after receiving the reward 

Please kindly make sure that you use the Redeem Code within 5 days of receiving our email to get your Premium account. 

Wait no more, if you know any friends who have been looking for the PTE Practice website, copy this pte.tadehub.com and share it with them for your both future success.

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