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Report mistakes and get your rewards

By DET Practice - TADE Hub
December 01,2023 | 10:00 AM

First of all, thank you for your trust in practicing with us to prepare for your Duolingo English Test. Our Academic team always strives to provide the best Live-Interactive DET Practice Platform to help you prepare for the DET effectively and affordably. Nonetheless, there may still be mistakes that we need your reports to make it better.

From December 2023, both FREE and Premium users are able to report mistakes on the DET Practice Platform and receive a 25% discount and 1 Premium Day with the same code for each correct report. With this discount code, users can share with their friends!

There is some fundamental information that users need to know to make the right report. 

How to report?

Users simply choose any question to practice and report if they see any issues. However, for the best management, we always recommend users pick a specific question and its level to practice, so they are able to keep track of your progress thoroughly.

For example, if you practice Write About the Photo, Level 3, you can report any questions that you find mistakes. Simply click the Report Icon next to the timer then the following pop-up will appear, and fill in all required information:

Report page, Duolingo English Test, DET Practice Platform, DET Ready, DET Preparation course
cre: DET Practice
Report pop up, Duolingo English Test, DET Practice Platform, DET Ready, DET Preparation course
cre: DET Practice
  • Category: Pick one category that best describes your issue;
  • Message: Write more to describe your mistake case to help you get your discount codes faster, at least 5 words and a maximum of 50 words. 
  • Attached files: Take a screenshot of where the issue occurs for our evaluation.

When users fill in all information and click "SEND", they will receive a feedback as following:

Report confirmation, Duolingo English Test, DET Practice Platform, DET Ready, DET Preparation course
cre: DET Practice

Note: Each user is ONLY able to report two (02) times in 24 hours. And if users give three consecutively incorrect reports, they will be added to the Blacklist and not be able to report for 15 days. 

How long to receive FREE codes?

In 3 working days after sending your report, you will receive a code that you can use to get a 25% discount and 1 Premium day (not including weekends) if we already checked and confirmed that your report is correct.

  • If your report is correct, you will receive your code via our Platform Notification system in the top right-hand corner. 
  • If you don’t receive your discount code in 3 working days, it means that your report isn’t correct.

Find your code here:

DET Notification system, Duolingo English Test, DET Practice Platform, DET Ready, DET Preparation course
cre: DET Practice

For further discussion, please reach out to us via support@detpractice-tadehub.com .

How to use your code?

Watch this YouTube guide to use a 25% discount code and 1 Premium day.

  • Guide to use discount code: From second 10
  • Guide to get 1 Premium day: From second 42

How long will the mistake be solved?

Again, our Team always tries our best to serve all beloved users. It depends on the category of your report which decides how long we need to solve the mistake. 

If it’s about Word/ Spelling, we may need only 1-2 days. But if it’s about Technical Issue or Feedback Issue, we may need up to seven (07) days. Thus, your mistake will be solved in seven working days, not including weekends. 

Benefits of practicing on our DET Practice Platform

  • Over 3,000 questions;
  • Nearly 300 sets of Interactive Reading and Listening; 
  • At least 15 Full Practice Tests;
  • Instant feedback for all question types;
  • Pronunciation, Grammar, Spelling feedback;
  • Integrated dictionary;
  • 3 supportive word lists (for Premium users)

Watch this video sample feedback for a Speaking question.

Go to our DET Practice Platform, create your FREE account and start boosting your scores today.

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