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DET Faster results feature and Vouchers

By DET Practice - TADE Hub
July 24,2023 | 15:15 PM

Faster results

The Duolingo English Test is most well-known for its fast, convenient, affordable and trusted English proficiency test. Therefore, countless test-takers change to take the DET among others. Some test-takers decide to take the DET when they only have one week, which is pretty challenging to prepare and then get the certified result on time before the deadline comes to an end. 

In the Duolingo English Test, the result will be ready 2 days after submitting the test. Nonetheless, sometimes, test-takers need faster results following their preparation plan. As a result, the DET offers the Faster Results service where test-takers get their results only in 12 hours. 

Faster results are a new feature, so it may not be available to all test-takers at this moment. To check it in detail, go to your DET Dashboard and if you see the offer as follows, it is available to you. 

DET pricing, Duolingo English Test, DET Practice Platform, DET Ready, DET Preparation course
cre: DET Practice

If test-takers intend to purchase the Faster Results feature, there are some points we need to understand thoroughly. 

  • It does not guarantee a certified result: As the name of it, the Faster Results feature only provides students with a faster result whether they receive certified results or not. There is no guarantee whatsoever. 
  • We cannot purchase a test with faster results using a coupon code: At this time, it is not possible to purchase a test with faster results using a coupon code according to the DET.
  • If students appeal their results, the appeal response will not arrive faster: The appeals process is completely separate from the process for reviewing tests with faster results. Your appeal will be in the order it was received for handling. 


Coupon codes

The Duolingo English Test just launched the 2023 ApplyBoard Program Agents, students can reach out to Education Consultancy Agents to ask for DET coupons.

DET coupon codes, Duolingo English Test, DET Practice Platform, DET Ready, DET Preparation course
cre: DET Practice

Here is a simple process: The ApplyBoard buys vouchers from the Duolingo English Test and then resells them to Education Consultancy Agents, where students can get the discount codes from. 

Students should acknowledge that the Vouchers (Discount codes) purchased from Education Consultancy Agents are non-refundable. And students definitely should check the Education Consultancy Agents carefully before making the decision because there are so many scammers out there. 

The decide whether to trust an Education Consultancy Agent or not, the vouchers (discount codes) are only distributed by agents who meet specific criteria, including:

  • Successfully sending 300+ students abroad in the past 12 months;
  • Having at least 50 staff members;
  • Maintaining a 1+ year history on ApplyBoard without any misconduct.

The safest way is to reach out to ApplyBoard and ask for Agents who are eligible to distribute the DET vouchers because ApplyBoard is the only organisation that the DET supports and allows to manage vouchers. 

Again, students should only reach out to official organisations for any kind of support. 

If students are looking for a DET Practice Platform or DET On-demand Preparation course, let’s experience the following: 

DET Practice Platform

  • Thousands of practice questions;
  • Over 300 sets of Interactive Reading and Listening;
  • At least 15 Full Tests;
  • Instant feedback for all question types;
  • Pronunciation, Grammar, Spelling, Lexical resources feedback;
  • Integrated dictionary;
  • 03 supportive word lists;

DET On-demand Preparation Course

  • Premium accounts on the DET Practice Platform;
  • At least 06 months of access to all files;
  • 23 on-demand training lessons + PDF files;
  • 01 community only for course takers;
  • Detailed training guide on how to apply to practice

With a FREE account on the DET Practice Platform, students are able to experience everything (except 3 supportive word lists). Additionally, students are also able to review some trial lessons from the DET On-demand Preparation Course.

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