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Duolingo English Test estimated scores explanation

By DET Practice - TADE Hub
April 16,2022 | 03:40 AM

The Duolingo English Practice Test is what DET offers you for free to help you have a deeper and better understanding of DET about their question types. Because you will experience almost all question types in actual tests except Speak About the Photo and Listen then Speak.    

If you still do not yet comprehend all the question types, we strongly recommend you check our Duolingo English Test category for more detail.

Please bear in mind that you can take the Practice Tests as many times as you like. However, we suggest you experience it a few times because the questions will be repeated over time, which is not helpful to improve your skills except for providing you with a thorough understanding of the question types. Nevertheless, let’s go for the Practice Test.     

1. How to take the Duolingo English Practice Test                    

a. Step 1: Go to the Duolingo English Test home page                     

You need to create an account to take it by clicking on the “SIGN UP” button     

duolingo-english-test-DET, det practice platform, Duolingo Test preparation, det admission process
cre: DET Practice

b. Step 2: Click the “PRACTICE TEST” button                   

Once you log in, you will see the below image and click “PRACTICE TEST” to start your practice test.      

duolingo-practice-test-practice, det practice platform, Duolingo Test preparation, det admission process
cre: DET Practice


c. Step 3: Keep clicking the “PRACTICE TEST” button                   

duolingo-english-practice-test, det practice platform, Duolingo Test preparation, det admission process
cre: DET Practice

After that, your practice test will begin!    

2. What should you know before taking the Practice Test?                   

  • Firstly, each practice test lasts for 15 minutes instead of 60 minutes in the real test.
  • Secondly, you will experience 10 out of 12 scored question types in the actual tests, excluding Speak about The Photo and Listen then Speak.

The frequency of each question type in the real test.     

Duolingo English Test, det practice platform, Duolingo Test preparation, question type frequency
cre: DET Practice

Please note that the Speaking sample is NOT a scored question type!     

  • Last but not least, you will receive your Estimated Scores in a range of numbers, indicating the Real score you will likely get in the real tests.

This is what you will see:       

duolingo practice estimated score, det practice platform, Duolingo Test preparation, English practice test

3. Practice Test estimated scores explanation                 

You will receive a range of estimated scores such as 125 - 150, 90-140,115-135 after completing each Duolingo English Practice Test. The estimated scores help you better understand your English proficiency; more importantly, you will comprehend almost question types you will face in the real tests.    

Nonetheless, why does sometimes the range of the estimated score so broad, such as 90-140? To explain this, we have two reasons.     

a. How the question types are scored                 

The first set includes Read and Complete, Read and Select, Listen and Select, Listen and Type, Read Aloud, and Interactive reading. These question types are graded automatically by special procedures by comparing your answers with the existing ones. Thus, your estimated score for these questions is accurate and similar to your score on the actual test.

Duolingo question scored explanation, det practice platform, Duolingo Test preparation, question types explain
cre: DET Practice

The second set includes Write about The Photo, Speak about The Photo, Read then Write, Read then Speak, Listen then Speak, and Writing sample, which is open response questions. They will need a grading engine in addition to human proctors to deliver the most accurate result. Furthermore, as you already know that you do not experience Speak about The Photo and Listen then Speak in the Duolingo English Practice Test. Consequently, the estimated score range is mainly due to this matter. In detail, there are several probabilities to your estimated score, including:

- You did well for the first set but not for the rest, or in the opposite way: Your answers to open response questions could be good, average, or even bad depending on the questions themselves, your form, or other reasons. Moreover, they will not evaluate your performance based on all aspects, including Grammatical accuracy, Grammatical complexity, Lexical sophistication, Lexical diversity, Task relevance, Fluency, and Acoustic features. It explains why the estimated score comes to the screen right away after you finish it, while the score for the real test takes at least a couple of hours because they need human proctors to go over your video recordings of responses. In this scenario, you may get a significant gap in your range score.         

Duolingo question scored explanation, det practice platform, Duolingo Test preparation, question types explain
cre: DET Practice

- You did excellent or poor for all question types: Your estimated score will be high, and the gap is not too big because you excel at English. Or perhaps you were in a great form to answer open response questions excellently. So, you may see some estimated scores like 110-130, 115-125, or even 125-145. These estimated scores have small gaps from the lowest end to the highest one.       

Speaking sample is not a scored question, so you should not be stressed when it comes to this question type. However, when you send your Duolingo English Test certificate to any recipients, they will be able to review your recordings of responses. Therefore, we strongly suggest you give your best by seeing it as a scored question even for the Practice Test.        

Duolingo question scored explanation, det practice platform, Duolingo Test preparation, question types explain
cre: DET Practice

b. Need an adequate number of questions                 

Apparently, you only devote 15 minutes to taking the Practice Test, but you need to spend 01 hour on the real ones. To prove one’s English proficiency, you will need to test yourself with an adequate number of questions to have an accurate and trusted result.     

Additionally, you haven’t answered Speak about The Photo and Listen then Speak; therefore, they haven’t received enough data to deliver a fixed score.         

*Practice makes perfect.                  

Again, the Duolingo English Practice Test only helps you better understand most of the question types and an estimated score of your English level. Hence, if you want to advance your skills to aim for a high score, you can pay a visit to our Practice Platform.     

Our Practice Platform offers thousands of questions and automatically correcting systems for all questions to support you in identifying almost mistakes. Then you can learn from them and improve your scores. We evaluate your English level based on several aspects, including Fluency, Grammatical accuracy, Lexical sophistication, Lexical diversity, Acoustic features, and detailed feedback.        

duoling grading aspects, det practice platform, Duolingo Test preparation, grading aspects, acoustic features feedback
cre: DET Practice

Additionally, we have an integrated dictionary. You can check a word’s meaning, pronunciation, synonyms, collocations, etc., apart from three supportive lists, including My Vocab, Collocations & Idioms, and Linking words. Everything you need is available on our Practice Platform. Feel free to check our correcting system sample feedback .    

Do it now! Create a FREE ACCOUNT on our Practice Platform and start boosting your scores today! 

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