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How to CHEAT on the DET?

By DET Practice - TADE Hub
December 16,2022 | 19:14 PM

Let us get right to the answer. WE DO NOT KNOW! However, test-takers should NEVER think of cheating on the Duolingo English Test because the consequences are extremely serious. 

Please DO NOT think of cheating on the DET

Before sharing all consequences that students face if they cheat on the DET, The “cheating” mindset will never be valued and respected. For a brighter future, test-takers should only think of how to improve their English skills to pursue their desired scores. Furthermore, we value the integrity of the test as the Duolingo English Test does, which is why the DET is getting more and more prestigious day after day. 

Test-takers can ask themselves this question, “Why do universities accept the Duolingo English Test?” The reason is that Duolingo has proved its most innovative technology that helps reduce the barriers of English testing so that students from all over the world can take the test in their houses, and the DET still maintains its integrity. 

Students can go to the official Duolingo English Test website to check whether their dream universities accept the DET certificates or not.

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Consequences of cheating on the Duolingo English Test

We suggest students not think of cheating on the test because of the following consequences. 

  • Lose your value and integrity: This is the most serious consequence, not getting banned permanently from the DET. If test-takers have a “cheating mindset”, they will likely think of “cheating” for (almost) challenges in their lives. It’s a fact, we all know, that the “cheating mindset” doesn’t lead us anywhere. 
  • Lose time and money: Scammers will take advantage of the “cheating mindset” to get money from test-takers. Some have students already lost an amount of money and still not yet achieve their desired scores. More importantly, we will lose our time for nothing but regret because it’s possible to make money, but time never comes back. 
  • Get banned permanently from the DET: If we look away from the screen while taking the test, we simply don’t have certified results. Yes, we retake the test without an additional fee. However, if students try to cheat on the DET, they will be banned for life from taking the Duolingo English Test again. Some reasons that most test-takers get banned permanently are using outside materials, having a second monitor next to them, or getting support from someone else. To avoid rule-breaking, this article, “Tips and rules to ensure your certified results” will be helpful. Test takers also can read this article published on the Duolingo Official Blog website.
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The five-preparation-step strategy to prepare for the DET

Therefore, to aim for high scores in the Duolingo English, test-takers should plan out a strategically detailed study schedule and commit to it. Here is a five-preparation-step strategy to help students prepare for the DET effectively and affordably. 

DET preparation steps, cheat on the DET, duolingo English Test, DET Practice Platform, DET Practice materials
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  • Step 1: Get to know DET’s fundamental information: It’s impossible to prepare for anything without understanding its basic information. This step helps test-takers get ready for testing their English levels.
  • Step 2: Understand your current level: Different English levels lead to different study plans. For example, if two test-takers aim for the same score at 120 DET overall. However, the first student’s level is around 105-110 overall score after taking the 1-hour practice test, while the second student’s level is around 80-85. In this case, the second student needs to put more effort into practice. 
  • Step 3: Create a detailed study plan and commit to it: Once we know our English levels, we have everything we need to create a detailed study plan.
  • Step 4: Take 1-hour Practice test every week: On the DET Practice Platform, students have so many 1-hour Practice tests to improve their skills. Simply utilise all of them by taking one test per week.
  • Step 5: Utilise all three tests in a 30-day period: Most students need more than one real test to get what they want. So we suggest test-takers utilise all three tests in a 30-day period if needed. 

To read this five-preparation-step strategy in detail, please kindly take a look at this article, “Five Duolingo English Test Preparation steps to achieve your desired scores”.

Benefits of Premium members

For all test-takers information, the DET Practice Platform offers the following benefits to help prepare for their DET. 

  • Thousands of practice questions: By the time this article was published, we already had nearly 3,000 practice questions similar to the real ones. Yes, our Academic team will add more questions to the library on a weekly basis.
DET Practice Platform, cheat on the DET, duolingo English Test, DET Practice Platform, DET Practice materials
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  • Hundreds of Interactive Reading sets: This set appears two times in the certified Duolingo English Test; test-takers have hundreds of tests to practice.
  • At least 10 Full Tests: We currently have ten 1-hour tests, and each full test is built exactly the same as the certified ones to offer the best experience for all students.
  • Read Aloud feedback: After submitting answers, students receive the following feedback.
DET Read Aloud, cheat on the DET, duolingo English Test, DET Practice Platform, DET Practice materials
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  • Instant feedback for all questions: Students receive immediate feedback for all question types after submitting their answers. Regarding Speaking and Writing questions, the DET Practice Platform evaluates students’ answers based on Fluency, Grammatical Accuracy, Lexical Sophistication, Lexical Diversity, and Acoustic Features. Feel free to take a look at this video sample feedback
DET instant feedback, cheat on the DET, duolingo English Test, DET Practice Platform, DET Practice materials
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  • Integrated dictionary: No need to open another tab for an online English dictionary as one is already integrated into the DET Practice Platform. Simply double-click any words to check their meanings and pronunciation. If we cannot find some information, students can check on Oxford Learner or Cambridge Dictionaries. 

Test-takers can experience all the above benefits with their FREE accounts. Let’s go to the DET Practice Platform, create a FREE Duolingo English Test practice platform account, and start enhancing your scores today.

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