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Tips and Tricks for taking the DET

By DET Practice - TADE Hub
September 09,2022 | 08:49 AM

It’s always a hot topic to discuss Tips and Tricks for taking the Duolingo English Test, especially for new test-takers who just recently learned the DET and want to explore more on how to achieve the highest score possible. Our expert team researched and experienced to come up with several ideas to help you get your DET Ready right today. 

Are you ready to move forward? 

1. Do your research 

Before doing anything, we do need to research everything about it to ensure our success. The Duolingo English Test is no exception. We need to know all question types, DET format, how long the test lasts, and so on to prepare ourselves for the test.  

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In our Blog, we have over 50 articles sharing everything about the DET besides tips and strategies to boost your scores for all question types. Let’s go to the DET Blog and find what you need.

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2. Practice general English

The Duolingo English Test or other English proficiency tests such as IELTS, TOEFL, and PTE evaluate your four English skills, including Speaking, Writing, Listening, and Reading. As a result, once you hold a high general English level, it’s so much easier to achieve high scores in the DET. 

The core difference between the DET and other proficiency tests is that the DET is more practical in real-life English conversation and usage. In other words, if you are confident in your English skills, you only need to get to know all question formats and strategies to advance your scores; you can find everything from the DET Blog in Tip 1, “Do your research”.

3. Know the rules

Many test-takers asked why their results weren’t certified even though the Duolingo English Test already shared why they could not certify that result. Most DET takers were careless about researching the test before taking it, so they didn’t spend time reading the rules, leading to uncertified results.

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Thousands of our Premium members took the test, and most of them got their certified results on their first attempt because they read the rules very carefully and followed all on their test day. To help you solve this problem beforehand, please check the following articles for your study.

4. Take the Practice Test

The Official Duolingo English Test website offers 15-minute Practice Tests for free that you can take as many times as you like. The main purpose of this Practice Test is to understand question formats and get used to them before taking the real tests. 

In the DET, there are twelve question types in addition to the Interactive Reading, and all of them are scored questions except for the Speaking Sample. However, you will not see Speak About the Photo and Listen then Speak in the practice test. 

5. Take the Full Practice Tests

It’s time for FULL Practice Tests, which offer so much more than the Practice Test because you can experience all question types. More importantly, the Full Practice Test is developed exactly the same as the real one, including the test time and the order of the questions, especially it shows you estimated sub-scores and all question types.

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In the DET Practice Platform, we offer tons of Full Practice Tests for our Premium members besides thousands of practicing questions and instant feedback for Speaking and Writing answers. In detail, the system evaluates your Speaking and Writing skills based on Fluency, Lexical Sophistication, Lexical Diversity, Grammatical Accuracy, and Acoustic Features (Pronunciation). In other words, you can learn from your mistakes and improve your skills after each practice attempt. Let's review our video sample feedback here.

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Bonus tip: Get in the right mindset

No matter how excellent your English skills are, if you don’t possess a positive mindset, things could get out of hand on your test day. Thus, being positive is the key to achieving higher scores on the Duolingo English Test. You should know that everyone fails, so the worst case is that you don’t get what you want on your first try, and it’s completely all right. We strongly suggest you plan your study properly and let yourself have enough time to take the second test even though you are super confident about your future results. 

If you wish to obtain your DET desired score on your first attempt, practicing every day will likely increase your success probability. Go to the DET Practice Platform, create your FREE account, and start improving your Duolingo English Test scores right today.